Via Financial Group

What matters most in life is not the things we have, but the things we are able to do.
At Via, we understand all the choices that make up your unique pathway in life – and our role is to protect and manage your wealth, so you can focus on what's important to you.

For us, financial success is a means to an end – not a destination in itself.
It's about the freedom to live your life the way you want.

Who are Via?

Via are a modern financial group, specialising in financial advice, wealth management, and personal and business insurance. Based in Sydney, the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales and the Gold Coast, our accredited and highly-experienced advisors can help you achieve your goals in an ethical and sustainable way.

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What we do

Our purpose is to help more people secure their financial future. We do this with personalised financial advice, insurances, superannuation, investments and more. So, wherever you are on life’s journey, we’ll create a roadmap that’s designed around you and your family.

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How we got here

Via was formed when Life Risk Management and Monet Financial Solutions came together. From day one we’ve delivered financial advice and wealth management in unison, working together to help people achieve financial freedom. Via is built on trust and personal relationships. Our experts are always available, so you can make informed financial decisions or discuss new opportunities.

Our values

Via is underpinned by our values of empathy, integrity, collaboration, responsibility and sustainability. 


We understand our clients’ needs intimately, aligning progressive financial strategy with values that work in harmony with our world. Our workforce is emotionally invested in the success of the communities that we serve, and we ensure every detail is taken care of.


Our group is led by vigorous moral principles, understanding that it is our responsibility to manage clients’ wealth carefully and consciously. We prioritise the interests of our clients, delivering financial advice in a straight-forward way, helping them to make confident and enlightened decisions about their futures.


Our team of specialists collaborate seamlessly, utilising each other’s skill sets, with the shared goal of growing wealth in the right way. We’re passionate about what we do and understand that by working together, we can deliver time and time again for our clients.


Our culture is built around a deep sense of responsibility to our clients, society, and the world we all share. We are dedicated to providing solutions that create a secure future, both financially and environmentally.


Our goal is to protect your family’s future through comprehensive financial advice and sustainable investments which will help to protect the world they’ll inherit. We are committed to ethical business practices that drive long-term value, and result in a brighter future for all of us.

Find your path to financial freedom

Everyone is on a unique pathway in life, with an ever-changing set of goals. Which is why our expert team will work with you to provide simple, transparent advice and solutions to help you achieve them. Because we understand that financial success is not a destination in itself. It’s about having the freedom to live your life the way you want. 

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